1. One Call Move

    Moving is not fun. There really are no if, and, or buts about it. It's a stressful process having to pack up ones belongings, make sure the home is in spectacular condition to ensure receiving as much security deposit as possible and then of course, having to find another place to move that meets o…Read More

  2. What Apartment Renters Want

    In the apartment industry it is every single person's duty, from the apartment developers all the way down to the maintenance workers, to figure out what the renters want. Apartment living is overall a very transient lifestyle and very rarely will you meet someone that has lived in the same apartmen…Read More

  3. Apartment Leasing With Pride

    I was just recently in Dallas for a start-up at a property and spent the latter part of the afternoon shopping a couple of apartment communities.  For the sake of this blog and confidentiality, I will call the properties "property X" and "property Y." Property X was a very luxurious property that …Read More

  4. “Social Twist” To Apartment Marketing

    With word of mouth always being a main source of traffic for apartment communities, as many venues as possible a community can utilize to spread the word of their community, the better.  Word of mouth from physical person to person tends to take the backseat nowadays to the word of mouth via socia…Read More

  5. Apartment Leasing: The Right Way

    As a leasing specialist you are the first contact for nearly every prospect that walks through the leasing office doors. It is important to be on your game with every single prospect, because there's no second chance at making a first impression. With this in mind really concentrate and make a push …Read More

  6. Unique Way Of Engaging Your Online Traffic

    With a majority of apartment communities claiming their number one traffic source from ILS's and other property specific websites, it's very beneficial for communities to do everything possible to capture the highest percentage of these viewers.  Often times there is no real way for a property to k…Read More

  7. Separate Yourself From The Competition

    It is very rare for a prospective resident to call only one apartment community, schedule an appointment, visit that property and move-in after the visit without shopping any other communities.  We are a price conscientious society in that every person, regardless of the item looking to be purcha…Read More