I know that I have written blogs before highlighting the obscure lack of space many individuals live in, often times to show our leasing specialists that apartment size objections could be worse. With that being said this particular example definitely takes the cake when it comes to living in an extremely small space. Currently being designed in Poland, the “wedge” house only offers a living width of 52 inches!! I understand that the living quarters are designed with the artistic resident in mind, but let’s be serious here. If any person that lives in this house has the slightest inclination of claustrophobia, they are going to be absolutely miserable. There is hardly enough room for living let alone even the most conventionally sized furniture. This article blew my mind when I came across it on Twitter (via @adamsconsulting), but as much as a surprise as it seems, I am willing to bet that these “conventional” sized houses will probably have a huge demand once they are seen.