LinkedIn is essentially the Facebook of the business world. Although LinkedIn has actually been around longer than Facebook (LinkedIn released in May 2003; Facebook released in February 2004), LinkedIn trails the social media giant in users by a very significant margin with 100 million users to Facebook’s 750 million. Even though both websites are aspects of social media, LinkedIn has a much structured design and purpose in how the site is operated and how the users interact on the site.

LinkedIn is designed to allow business members the opportunity to connect with each other. By connecting on LinkedIn both sides are confirming that there is some level of relationship between the two parties and it is not just a random link, such as a “Friend Request” on Facebook may be. Once users establish a significant connection network, then their profile can be used to research jobs, businesses, as well as people, for positions and business related opportunities in corporate America.

LinkedIn is an individual’s online business card and expands exponentially the amount of people that you are able to interact with on a daily basis in the business world. Therefore, it is absolutely pertinent that every person have a LinkedIn profile if they are working any sort of job. Having a LinkedIn profile allows the user the opportunity to:

1. Find past coworkers
2. Build an online identity
3. Get new opportunities
4. Learn something new
5. Get some credibility
6. Become an expert
7. Grow your pipeline
8. Help out a friend
9. Find a new job
10. Get found by a new job

(thanks @Insideview for the link)

LinkedIn is growing every single day with the addition of a new user every second. As this list above shows, the doors that a well-connected LinkedIn profile can open are absolutely limitless. The impossible interactions that may never be able to take place in an average day, such as sending out a quick message to the CEO of that big company you’ve always wanted to work for, are just a click away on LinkedIn. If the ten reasons above haven’t convinced you of the importance of LinkedIn, here’s 100 more.