In a very brief summary of what social media was designed for, it can be said that social media was made in order to keep people connected. Pretty cut and dry description. Facebook allows users to see what friends are doing across the country on a daily basis. Twitter allows users to feel connected to celebrities and socialites without ever really talking to them in person. Obviously social media only allows you to be connected to other parties if you are in fact engaging in conversation as a user. A stagnant Facebook or Twitter account is about as useful as a car with no wheels…or is it?

This study from HubSpot may make you feel like your hard work is going to waste if you are a social media user that is only aiming to use each venue as a potential marketing tool. This study could potentially have a Catch 22 outlook to it, because although it shows that you are not necessarily guaranteed more reach by engaging more often on social media sites, you are not going to obtain ANY reach if you do not engage on these social media sites to some extent.

What is your take on these findings of the study? Are you one that engages regularly through social media and can debunk these findings? I’d be interested to see the different sides based upon these results of the study.