So you have your apartment community or business listed now on Twitter…great…now what? Twitter is probably one of the more extreme examples of social media that is not beneficial unless you are actively engaged on the website, making your brand name known by getting it out into the stream of conversation. With roughly 200 million users on Twitter generating over 200 million tweets per day, there is quite a bit of conversation being thrown around, so it takes some work to get your brand name recognized in the Twitter world.

One such way to actively engage a Twitter audience and push your company name out there is through a Twitter party. First off, what is a Twitter party? A Twitter party is no different than say a grand opening of a store, in which it is organized to get as many people aware of the store opening as possible and gets them to come see what the store is all about. The only difference of course with a Twitter party is that it is all virtual. The same steps that are taken with a grand opening in person are still taken with a Twitter party: theme, or occasion; promotions through all social networks; sponsors; gifts; etc. Let’s say your Twitter party is being thrown for an apartment community grand opening (assuming you’ve built an expanded following prior to opening), offer waived application fees, or discounted rent for those interested in becoming a resident from your party. This will right away show that you are not only a community that will be actively involved with its residents, but are a community that will go above and beyond the expected to have fun as well.

There are many other reasons, or occasions that a Twitter party would be perfect for and here is a brief list of some, because after all, who doesn’t like a reason to have a party?!(thanks @PartyBizConnect):

“1.You are looking to launch a new product.
2.Your business wants to create some buzz with online users.
3.You need to expand your influence in social media.
4.You want to connect with a targeted group of people that care about what you do.
5.You prefer to encourage word of mouth advertising than use push marketing.
6.Your business wants to build influence in its niche.
7.You love a good party.”