For the best sales people, it’s all about details.  While first impressions, being on time and having a great attitude are all essential to a successful assignment, the best Leasing Specialists are the ones who focus on the entire sales process, including the details.  They don’t just follow-up, they take the time to drop off lunch to a prospect at work.  They don’t just respond to an email inquiry, they take the time to develop a professional template with pictures, reviews, video’s and a warm personal message.

Erin Whitlock is on an assignment in Kansas.  She is doing such a great job that her client has asked her to handle the leasing duties at two properties.  I love Erin because she has an attention to detail.  The other week she took it upon herself to price out some drink koozies so she could market to local students and bars.  The problem is that her client saw the quote and said that it was too expensive.  Now most people would hit this road block and stop looking, but not Erin.  Here is an email exchange between Erin and her client from last Saturday.

“Great news!  I found a coupon for a site that makes koozies and got the total for 500 down to $161.50. What do you think? Also should I order the signs? I attached the screen shots of the order.”

“Yes on the signs and koozies.  You did great on searching out the best price!  Call me Monday and I will set up to pay by card for the orders.”

Many of you probably think this is pretty small and easy stuff.  But I promise you that being detailed and pro-active is a very rare skill.  I could go on and on about Erin’s sales aptitude and attitude, but the small things like this are what set her apart.  Keep it up Erin!

Another example of attention to details is carefully examining the way you overcome and objection.   Joi Portee is on an assignment in Chicago that is in a very transitional neighborhood.  New developments are sprinkled amongst older buildings.  While the area is nice, it can come off looking a little “urban” to someone moving from outside of the city.  Joi repeatedly got this objection so she called me to discuss some ways to overcome it.  Together we decided that she should mention the blighted buildings on the phone call so that prospects would be prepared for the neighborhood.  Joi turned an objection into a white rabbit by saying: “Our neighborhood is really up and coming.  When you get here you will notice that many of the older buildings have been renovated.  It is fun to be a part of such a revitalizing neighborhood.”  Preparing her prospects for the realities of the area shifts their focus from the blighted buildings to the rehabbed ones.  You did a great job in re-evaluating an objection Joi!

The work of these Leasing Specialists has led to additional contracts for CLASS.  This allows us to move other Leasing Specialists into more sales efficient properties and will benefit our entire organization.  Great job ladies and give them some love on our Facebook page!