With word of mouth always being a main source of traffic for apartment communities, as many venues as possible a community can utilize to spread the word of their community, the better.  Word of mouth from physical person to person tends to take the backseat nowadays to the word of mouth via social media networking.

Every apartment community needs to have a Facebook Page, which is the first thing most people think of when they do hear the term social media.  That’s a given.  This is just the beginning of the basics though, because there are a multitude of other social websites that apartment communities can utilize to expand their online presence.  In steps a revolutionary social expansion website, such as Social Twist, that can come in to ease the complexity of posting for the apartment community.

Social Twist is the ultimate word of mouth resource and looks to expand your potential crowd of followers and referrals exponentially through a conglomeration of social sites.  With the ability to shape your brand through Social Twist, the apartment community is not limited to just the normal local marketing and can also help to increase the SEO for the property name online.

Social Twist has only been around for a little over 3 years and they surpassed the 100,000 website mark in August!  Many major brands are already using this social media expansion site and I’d love to hear about an apartment community’s success from using this b