As 2011 is coming to an end, social media continues to make a significant impact in every business category.  It is very difficult now to get on Facebook and not find at least one business with a page from just about every genre imaginable.  Some venues of business are still searching for the exact identity and purpose of social media in the day to day schematics of things, but even then, having a presence on as many social media outlets as possible is still necessary.  I have never heard someone say that they need to back off of their social media marketing, because it is providing them with too much additional web presence.  That’s the least that can come from social media marketing is that your company all of a sudden is easier to find online and with the price tag of “FREE” for creating unique pages in social media sites, it is tough to argue against utilizing the time to establish them.  It has been great seeing social media continue to grow in various business categories and there is no telling what the future holds for even next years growth.  Jeff Bullas put together a great info graphic of the growth and amazing facts of all the pieces of social media that effect our lives everyday that can at least give us a general idea of what to potentially expect in the future from these social media giants.