For any apartment community out there, having a video made to show the features and benefits of the property is a must have in the marketing repertoire.  A high quality video can definitely be the difference between a potential prospect coming to tour your community and leasing, or just continuing to scroll their mouse right on to your competitors website.

Property videos can be as simple as using a Flip Cam, or something similar since Flip Cam is no longer produced, to film the property, show apartments, the model, residents enjoying amenities, etc.  This video allows for simple pictures posted on the community website to come to life and really accentuates what the community has to offer.

If you are really looking to get a vamped up and professionally made video for your community, may be what you and your community need. takes the typical apartment video and exponentially increases the marketing potential by inputting:  a script; actors for hosts; high quality film production; editing; rights to the video.  Using will allow your community to take a step above the competition as the video will also includes clips of surrounding venues, so potential residents can see what the location of your property also has to offer.

I strongly encourage clicking on the link and watching a few of the apartment examples to see what has to offer.  The great thing about the video is that once it is made, it can be plugged into all outlets of social media allowing for a significant increase in property awareness and ultimately, more leases!