It is very rare for a prospective resident to call only one apartment community, schedule an appointment, visit that property and move-in after the visit without shopping any other communities.  We are a price conscientious society in that every person, regardless of the item looking to be purchased, is going to take the time to insure that they are receiving the best deal available. 

Therefore, with a prospect calling so many apartment communities, how do you separate yourself from the competition?  The answer to this question may seem like a no brainer, but I guarantee you that if you were to call and shop 10 apartment communities right now, there may only be 1 or 2 max that actually do this on the phone…sell your community.  This is not an answer that should come as a surprise, which is why it is always so shocking to hear when a leasing agent does not even provide any details about their community to a prospect on the phone!  Without even a minimal amount of information provided about your community, as a prospect, why would I come visit your community?  How are you different than the 9 other communities I have called? 

With this being said all that is required is two simple things of a leasing agent:

  1. Ask the prospect what they are looking for in their new home
  2. Sell the features that your community has based upon what the prospect said they were looking for

This is a very straight forward approach and it really is as easy as it sounds to make your community stand out.  What do you do if a prospect is looking for things you don’t have at your community?  Don’t mention those!  Talk about all the other great things you have to offer, because you don’t want any negative items brought up when you are selling your property.  If these two simple things are accomplished by a leasing agent, then that person has single handedly gone above and beyond of what any other property that a prospect may have spoken to is probably doing.  It really is a small thing to accomplish, so if you want to make your call different than other communities and get prospects interested in seeing what you have to offer, sell your property.