When we are often times beginning leasing at a community and determining what marketing has been implemented to this point to know what direction we would like to go, we always make sure to touch on the topic of resident referral.  Resident referral is a great place to start for any community looking to bolster their marketing initiative, because the marketing is done in-house and there is no sort of “gate keeper” HR department heads to get through, such as with preferred employer companies.  Whatever the monetary amount that is offered to residents for referring their friends and family, this number needs to be constantly ingrained in the residents mind.  In addition, the monetary amount offered should be presented as a tiered system in that with each referral, a resident receives a bump up from the previous referral.  In doing so the resident will continue to refer potential residents in order to receive the next level incentive.  Many residents don’t understand that you really do get money for something as simple as referring a friend until they receive that first discount off of their rent, or that first check in their hand.  If your community is looking for a way to take your resident referral to the next level, then RentMineOnline may be a great addition to your property.

RentMineOnline is essentially a resident referral powerhouse that allows a community to expand the realm and current capacity of their resident referral program exponentially.  How they are able to do so is that RentMineOnline accesses the social media realm for referrals by having residents voluntarily sign up through their website, creating a RentMineOnline account, which in turn allows RentMineOnline to begin the referral process through the residents social pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or through their email contacts.  Therefore, as a resident, if someone views a referral by RentMineOnline on my Facebook profile, which I have allowed to be posted, and decides to live at my community, I will receive a referral bonus without even physically telling that individual to join my community!  It’s that easy.  In addition, there is typically an incentive offered in-house by the on-site management, in that if I am one of the first X number of individuals to participate in the referral, then I could also win a participation prize offered by the property (i.e., $10 Starbucks Card; $10 Amazon.com Card; etc.).  RentMineOnline has taken the simple concept of resident referral and made it easier, as well as made it more interactive for the residents.

I personally have not only used RentMineOnline’s services at my current apartment community as a resident, but have also referred their services to communities that we have worked with around the nation.  It is a great concept that allows properties to potentially see a significant influx of qualified traffic and enables a community to be engaged with their residents on a more advanced level.

Here is a great write-up about RentMineOnline in Multifamily Executive with CEO Ed Spiegel.