Now that you have created a Facebook page for your apartment community (do so now if you haven’t!), the easy part is now complete.  The hard part begins now that you have to remain adamant in staying actively involved on the page, or else your Facebook page will become obsolete.

A new twist that you can add to your property page is making a unique title.  As opposed to simply titling your page “XYZ Apartments,” use the ability to create a title as an opportunity to right away to sell your community.  If you’re an apartment community that has received accolades as being the best up and coming property in the city, title your page as “(Your Specific City)’s Newest Must-See Apartments.”  Also, if you are an apartment community that has received an award for being the best of the best, or have a catchy slogan that individuals would associate with your community, then use this as your Facebook page title.

The reason why it is not necessarily a must have to use the property name as your title, unless of course you are trying to build web presence for a community that does not have a community website, is that Facebook users are not necessarily going to search for your community by name.  Facebook is a forum whereby people learn of smaller businesses through word of mouth, so once you begin to accumulate “likes” from your residents, their friends on Facebook will see the great material you are posting through the current residents’ news feeds.  As more and more people see your posts, they will then see that you are a unique page that has more to offer than a typical apartment communities page.  You will automatically stand out with your unique title, so choose your wording wisely.

It is important to know that once your community page does reach 100 likes, then your page title is no longer able to be altered.  Therefore, think of a creative title that you would want to have forever and can be associated with your property further down the line.  If you are an apartment community that has fewer than 100 likes, what could you change your title to in order to distinguish your page?