QR code usage has managed to work its way into many different venues of business as the cutting edge way to connect to customers. QR codes still have the novelty item tag working in its favor, because it is still fun to pull out your Smartphone and scan a code on a piece of marketing material directing you to additional information. I am still in the little kid phase of QR codes in that I literally want to scan every code I see even if I am not even the slightest bit interested in the product that the code is for. Scanning the codes is something fun to do, because it gets a customer actively engaged in the marketing plus the code allows the marketer the ability to choose what information the customer receives.

QR codes can be found in a broad range of places: magazines; billboards; websites; menus; coasters; etc. We had a leasing specialist create a QR code and then the code was blown up to be placed on large sidewalk stickers. The property is located in a very retail populated area, so anyone that is walking around shopping at the stores can scan a QR code for the property on the ground to receive information. Very neat idea.

QR codes do not always have to be the regular square design and can actually be just about any shape, color or design desired. Here is a great example of a multitude of different ways that a QR code can be done (thanks @mashable).