Moving is not fun.

There really are no if, and, or buts about it.

It’s a stressful process having to pack up ones belongings, make sure the home is in spectacular condition to ensure receiving as much security deposit as possible and then of course, having to find another place to move that meets ones standards.  Any help that can be provided to ease the trial and tribulations of moving is absolutely welcomed in my book and that is where One Call Move comes to the rescue.

One Call Move is a one stop shop business when it comes to getting things setup at your new home.  They take care of the essentials (i.e., the utilities) for you prior to your move, so that way you don’t have to worry about calling around figuring out which company to go through to get your basic necessities setup.  One Call Move will call for you, at no charge might I add, and let you know which companies are offering the best deals and leave it up to you to decide who you would like to have as your providers.  In addition to scouting out utility companies for the customer, One Call Move even will find the best architects, engineers, maid services, handymen, etc. for you and once again, still at no charge to the customer.

One Call Move started out as a service provided for soldiers returning from war, in that, family members of this heroes determined that there was a need to ensure that all utilities were on and taken care of, so a soldier would not be returning to a dark home.  The last thing that an individual deployed at war has time for is to sit on hold for hours upon hours waiting to simply get their power turned on at home for their arrival back to the States.  From here One Call Move branched out to provide this service to any individuals looking to simplify their moving process to allow for a more pleasurable moving experience.

One Call Move is absolutely a great service provided and I’d definitely recommend calling upon them for any and all upcoming moves!