LinkedIn has continued to strive since its launch in 2003 and here are some interesting facts from this social media sites success so far:

  • There are roughly 120 million active users worldwide
  • North America makes up over half of the worldwide users
  • The user base consists of around 48.8% Male users and 51.2% Female users
  • The average user household income is around $89,000
  • The average user is around 46 years old
  • LinkedIn surpassed MySpace to become the #2 social site
  • LinkedIn accrued over 4,500 members in its first year of existence
  • LinkedIn counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members
  • More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages
  • 18% of small business owners have a LinkedIn profile
  • As of March 2011 there were nearly 1 million teachers on LinkedIn
  • LinkeIn’s net income in 2010 was only $15.4 million (compared to Facebook’s $2 billion)
  • When LinkedIn went public in May, the shares closed at $94.25, up 109% from opening at $45

These are all very interesting facts and I strongly encourage visiting each one of the links embedded, because they are filled with even more information from LinkedIn from this calendar year.  LinkedIn is still constantly growing, but they should beware, because there is a competitor lurking.  Identified was just released three days ago and is modeled after Facebook.  It should be interesting to see how much of a competitor they are really going to be.