In the apartment industry each apartment community is typically designed with a certain clientele in mind. Based upon Fair Housing every leasing agent must lease to every qualified prospect, but there are certain properties that are solely eligible to very specific clientele: senior properties being a main one.

Senior properties are eligible only to prospects above a required age range (usually 55 per Just as with any other apartment community, there are certain marketing and leasing strategies that must be used for a senior property to be successful. In addition, there are also very many misconceptions about senior properties, due in part to the belief that there are certain venues of marketing that do not capture the interest of senior citizens (i.e., internet). Multifamily Insiders and Rent Soda put together two excellent lists of not only tips for leasing to seniors, but also proven tips to marketing to seniors to drive-in traffic.

The senior market is continuing to grow as more and more baby boomers are steering from the housing industry to the lower maintenance apartment industry. This means only more good news for anyone that is in the industry looking to gear towards seniors and capture this growing market.