Having a positive mental attitude in the office is by far one of the most important ingredients that every office needs in order to be successful.  Being positive not only brings the office staff together as a whole, but it rubs off on prospects as well.  Prospects coming into a positive office feel more welcome as a result of the inviting persona the office will have.  When prospects step into the warm feeling of a happy office, they are more inclined to envision themselves living at the community and most importantly, more inclined to lease!  We take such a strong stance on the effects and importance of having a positive mental attitude that it is practically one of the foundations our company is based upon.  If your office staff needs a pick-me-up, here is a great compilation of office morale boosters from participants in a webinar through Multifamily Insiders last year:

•“Our team meets every Tuesday at 3:00 to compile a list of associates who have gone above and beyond the prior week. They are recognized through a company sponsored program and are rewarded with 30 minutes of time off!” Allison Clark – Tempe, AZ

•“Paying 5 dollars to charity to wear jeans on Fridays” Courtney Eias – Trumbull, CT •“Put cow bells on leasing desk and “Ring” when new lease or renewal is signed! Even the manager rings her bell in response, so everyone celebrates the achievement!” Jeanne Marie Zublin – Houston, TX

•“When someone on our team is having a bad moment we sing our team song which happens to be “Hello, Good Morning” LeShannon Jefferson – Lewisville, TX

•“Morning coffee runs for the office” Natalie Lozon – Santa Monica, CA

•“Let off early on pay-day Friday. After all quality control issues are addressed – allow them to leave early by an hour or two.” Lori Schultz – Dallas, TX

•“At closing time, play some music loudly that all like.” Catherine Williams – San Ramon, CA

•“We have recently instituted “Fun Friday” & this Friday is “Bead Day”! :)” Stacy Dueker – Stockton, CA

•“Constantly smile and laugh…it’s contagious!” Jason Hilyard – Aberdeen, NC

•“Funky fun glasses for prospects & team member when we ride out on golf cart” and “Football jerseys on Fri, Sat & Sun” Sandra Williams – Tampa, FL

•“Flip Flop Friday!” Lauren Pettit – Port Richey, FL

•“Goodie Bags filled with small inexpensive gifts for my staff members to “grab” something from when they get a rental, save a renewal, etc!” Amanda Hall – Vallejo, CA

•“Have an ice cream social for the staff and residents. Grab buckets of ice cream, whip ccream, cherries, etc. and have fun! Include it with a pool party on a hot day.” Diane Christy – Cleveland, OH

•“I get doughnuts for my team every other week” and “After every lease my team gets we have a “happy dance” Tanisha Young – New Carrollton, MD

• “I like to buy goodies a couple times a month, for example, today I bought the staff ice cream! They loved it!” Shannon Lorenzen – Wilder, KY

•“Something positive or a compliment every morning to all of your staff” Jennifer Moreno – Houston, TX

•“Once in a while have the team go out for lunch together to be able to communicate outside the work environment and share ideas.” Jackie Cruz – Plant City, FL

•“Our office does a Youtube video challenge where each week we look for the funniest or most bizarre youtube video we’ve seen and then watch them on Fridays.” Brad Randall – Salt Lake City, UT

•“Pizza Party” Philip Nieman – Roslindale, MA

•“Secret Pal – Change it up once a month” Helene Konneman – Humble, TX

•“Small gifts such such as candy or new office supplies left on team members desk!” Leah Shay Hartley – Newnan, GA

•“Morning staff meetings for 15 minutes prior to the office opening” Katrina Avila – Richmond, TX

•“We applause each other in the mornings for motivation even on Mondays!!” Robert Torres – Houston, TX

•“We have a wall of fame where residents and co-workers can post kudos to the team.” Lia Smith – Birmingham, AL

•“We ring a bell any time a sales person gets the sale. Of course, after the prospect leaves.” Sherre Helmer – Indianapolis, IN

•“We start the morning stating two things that were uplifting yesterday one personal and one professional.” Karen McLelland – Plant City, FL

•“Manager cooks breakfast for staff 1xm and cooincides with a monthly safety meeting,” and “Pedicures/manicurs for great shop reports and super leasing results,” and “Randomly give out freeze pops to residents at the pool,” and “Big basket of crackers, candy bars, granola bars and drinks for the office staff on the busy days when you can’t get out to get a bite to eat.” Christina Chalifour – Grand Prairie, TX

•“We share recipes with each other for that nights dinner, we give each other good advice and pump each other up… We love our team.” Erica Spence – Fort Worth, TX

This are just a few ways to boost the morale in your leasing office, but there’s an endless amount of ways to keep that positive atmosphere.  What does your property do to ensure all prospects are walking into an inviting atmosphere?

Happy Thanksgiving!