It is with no hesitation to say that Facebook is one of the most successful websites ever made and this is said without any form of specific profitability to base it upon since Facebook is still a private company.  Just as Facebook has gained success from a user stand point, so to has Twitter, but not quite to the level of success that Facebook has obtained.  These two social media giants are private entities that when/if the day comes that they go public, the stock market could be tossed into a frenzy as the true value of these two powerhouses comes to fruition.  With this being said it is mind blowing to take a look at both Facebook and Twitter by the numbers and wonder how big they each can get.  These numbers were the newest statistics released by both websites and come courtesy of Alfonso Serrano with Business Insider:

750 million
Number of Facebook users worldwide

100 million
Number of Twitter users worldwide

230 million
Number of tweets sent per day

40 percent
Twitter users who don’t actively tweet, but sign in to read others’ posts

80 percent
Increase in Tweets since the beginning of 2011

82 percent
Members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have Twitter accounts

$800 billion
New funding secured by Twitter recently, including $400 million used to let existing shareholders and employees cash out some of their holdings

$8 billion
Estimated valuation of Twitter based on that recent funding

$80 billion
Estimated valuation of Facebook

11.8 million
Number of new Facebook users worldwide in May, down from 13.9 million new users in April, according to the research group Inside Facebook

6 million
U.S. users lost by Facebook in May, in a possible sign of “Facebook fatigue.” The company says growth in emerging markets helps offset the U.S. losses.

1 billion
Number of estimated Facebook users worldwide by 2012, according to a study by the tracking site Social Bakers

$1.6 billion
Facebook’s revenue during first half of 2011, according to Reuters, up from $1.2 for the first nine months of 2010

Nearly 30 million
Estimated number of Google+ users worldwide

10 million
Number of users Google+ attracted in the first two weeks after its launch in June

2.8 million
Estimated number of Google+ users in India, the country with the second highest number of users after the U.S.

85 percent
Internet users who visited a Google site in June 2011, comScore Media Metrix

Online games, including Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz, being offered by Google to users of its social media service as of last month in an attempt to better compete with Facebook”

For me personally, reading these statistics generates the reaction of a head shake and a char grin smile.  One statistic that always seems to put things into proportion that is not found directly on this list is the fact that only TWO countries exist in this entire world that have a higher population than Facebook…China and India.

With these statistics published one can only wonder when these two social media giants will reach the end of their adolescent phase and stop growing.