It is often an ill-conceived misconception in the multifamily industry that follow-up is not an important aspect of making a sale.  Not only is not following-up with a prospect a potential missed opportunity of a sale, but it just flat out does not make any sense to not do!  A prospect that has visited your apartment and not leased is still an extremely hot lead that needs to be treated as such.  This individual came to your community, which immediately shows that something caught their eye for them to take the time to come see what the property looks like, so they are obviously at least somewhat interested.  By not following-up with these individuals, a leasing specialist is basically assuming that since the person did not lease, they must not be interested anymore.  To me, this could not sound like more of a crazy thought, but I would be willing to bet that probably only 1 out of every 10 leasing specialists performs effective follow-up with their prospects.  My reasoning for this thought is that prior to our leasing specialists coming in for training, we have them shop a few apartment communities via phone and in person in order to see the sales aptitude of a typical leasing agent.  Every now and then there will be an individual that shops a community with a leasing agent who does active follow-up, but for the most part, very rarely is follow-up done when these shops are completed.

Following-up with a prospect consists of more than just making a phone call to the individual to see if they are “still interested,” or  just “checking-in” to see if they have made their decision.  There are multiple levels to follow-up and it is something that needs to be done until the prospect informs you that they either will be leasing at your community, or worst case scenario, that they have decided to lease elsewhere.

With that being said I have posted three great articles from Multifamily Insiders, Ezinarticles and Allbusiness that outline some very efficient tips to reaping the benefits of effective follow-up.