Craigslist is without a doubt one of the more useful sites accessible on the Internet, because you can literally find just about anything possible to sell/buy at any given time. I have written quite a few blog postings about Craigslist in regards to tips to posting ads for apartments from my own personal experiences as a leasing specialist. Craigslist is definitely a site that is a major player in the multifamily industry and is really only as beneficial to the user as he, or she, makes it. Despite the fact that Craigslist has been in existence for over 15 years now, it has never been known as a site that changes, or really adapts to the advances that occur around the World Wide Web.

Case in point to this statement is the lack of a site-based mobile application for Craigslist. Accessing on a mobile phone is quite the hassle, because it will lead the user directly to the website and as one can see very quickly, it is not user friendly at all. This lack of a mobile app for Craigslist led to independent developers stepping in to make things easier for those wishing to use Craigslist from their phones. There are quite a few apps that this New York Times article goes into details about, but I have found that CraigsPro+ is probably the most well put together app of those listed. These apps will make the apartment search significantly easier for potential prospects looking to move, which will only lead to more traffic and leases for apartment communities…at least for those that are taking advantage of the site and actually posting.