Earlier this year I put together a daily blog for one week in which a specified multifamily company was highlighted for their charitable work done to give back to the community.  With the holiday season approaching and the format of our original blog changed, I wanted to post these blogs once again to recognize the hospitable acts that are performed each year by these multifamily companies.

Aspen Heights is a development and management company that has student communities in four states and has essentially revolutionized the student housing market by developing an actual neighborhood of apartments at their communities.  Aspen Heights is looking into extended expansion with plans to develop an additional 3-4 communities each year over the next 5 years.

Aspen Heights put together a program titled “Aspen Heights in Africa,” whereby for every lease signed, Aspen Heights provides housing and education for individuals subjected to severe poverty in Africa.  This is a great example of giving back to those less fortunate and incorporating it into the multifamily industry.

Awesome job Aspen Heights!