As a leasing specialist you are the first contact for nearly every prospect that walks through the leasing office doors. It is important to be on your game with every single prospect, because there’s no second chance at making a first impression.

With this in mind really concentrate and make a push to accomplish the little things not only this weekend, but everyday you’re in the office:


Make sure that your balloons are out front and you are in the office ready to lease five to ten minutes before your scheduled time to be in the office.  There’s nothing wrong with being early.

Walk your tour routes to make sure that they are completely clean and there are no unforeseen surprises that could hamper a tour.

Check the model and show apartments to ensure that the lights are on, there aren’t any little surprises hiding in the bathtub or cabinets and it smells fresh inside the apartment.  You don’t want there to be any extraneous features that could hinder the prospect from realizing how great your apartment is.

Right when you get into the office, search your community online to make yourself aware of any new information posted on any websites about your property.  It’s pertinent to be aware of what’s being said about your community, because if you don’t make the initiative to make your online reputation, someone else will do it for you.

Make sure to get 3-5 Craigslist ads up throughout the day in between taking tours and phone calls.  Space the ads throughout the day in order to monitor when you are receiving calls from your posted ads.

Put together an informative post for your property’s Facebook page.  Use the ratio of 80/20.  80% posts about relative information to the city, community events, news happenings, fun facts, etc. and 20% posts about direct apartment community information.

Get your key cards out from the previous day that still have follow-up phone calls that need to be made.  Follow-up needs to be done EVERYDAY!

When the phone rings make sure to enthusiastically answer the phone, gather as much information as possible about the prospect and really make a true effort to build that rapport, so they will be not only more inclined to come visit you, but will also feel more comfortable leasing with you.

Hop up from behind your desk and greet every single person that walks through the door, so they immediately feel welcome and at home.  The leasing office can sometimes be an intimidating atmosphere to walk into.  Make it as inviting as possible.

Take the time to fill out the entire key card to ensure for proper follow-up immediately following the tour.

Really sell your community to the prospect while on tour and make sure to point out all of the unique features when inside the model apartment in order for the benefit of each to be acknowledged.

At the closing table really make an effort to close on every prospect to lease and if they will not lease, absolutely aim for a hold in order to get them back in the door tomorrow.  If they still are not willing to hold an apartment, schedule another appointment with them.

Complete your follow-up email and thank you letter the second the prospect walks out the door. In doing so, the tour will be fresh on your mind and the prospect will be taken aback by getting an email so soon after their tour.  Plus, most apartment communities do no follow-up at all.  You will distinguish your property and show that you are a cut above the rest.

All of these things are supposed to be done every single day, but really make an effort to go above and beyond of what you normally are expected of this weekend.  If your goal is two leases this weekend, then aim for four.  Don’t give yourself an opportunity to look back on a day and think you may have obtained a lease if you did something differently.  Make
every tour count everytime!