When it comes to showing an apartment and selling the features of each individual room, often times the bathroom does not receive the same amount of attention and specifics to detail as other parts of the apartment do.  After all an apartment bathroom is just an apartment bathroom, right?  How many people are basing their decision as to whether or not they lease an apartment on the bathrooms?

Despite the misconceptions about an apartment bathroom being an insignificant detail in apartment leasing, it is actually a very important part of the apartment and should be treated so from a sales standpoint.  Leasing agents should still be able to point out at least three unique features about the bathroom in order to show the prospect what makes their bathroom standout.  Just as with any other aspect of the apartment, when specific features are pointed out to a prospect, he or she will immediately begin to wonder if the previous apartments they shopped have those things.  The apartment community we use for training our leasing specialists has a great bathroom setup and there are actually 7 features about each of the bathrooms in the two bedroom apartment that can be pointed out to the prospects.  7 features!  If I’m a prospect and a leasing agent points out 7 things to me in a bathroom that makes the apartment unique, it is probably going to be pretty hard for me to come up with any sort of objections about the apartments bathroom area.

Multi-Housing News found out what features apartment residents valued most in their bathrooms and published the results in the most recent issue of their magazine.  These results were tabulated after surveying over 1 million renters and here are some of the things that people either liked, or disliked about their apartment bathrooms:


-The master bath is very large, which is excellent, but the fact it has one electrical outlet is a major downfall and inconvenience

-The floor plan of our unit requires that people enter a bedroom in order to use a bathroom.  We’d prefer for the bathroom to be accessible without entering a bedroom.

-I love the closet in the bathroom for towels and linens.

-Given environmental concerns, toilets and energy guzzling items should be replaced-especially the older toilets.

-Put air vents in the bathrooms.  It gets so hot when you are trying to put on makeup or fix your hair.

-I’d love to see a dog bath area-it’s hard to wash my pup in the bathtub.

-I think a hot tub-steam room or sauna could be awesome.

-The counter tops are very nice, but the cabinets are very old.  They seem out of place with this otherwise very nice apartment.

-The mold in my bathtub is a hazard for anyone involved, present or future residents.

-There are two things that we love most about our apartment-one is the size of the bathroom; the other is the size of the balcony.

-The shower water pressure is very low, yet our water bill is rather high.

-Toilets could be replaced with more efficient models.  Big water heater tanks could probably be replaced with small on-demand heaters.

-I’d love a garden tub in the bathroom, and I think that will improve the look and attract more people.

-The bathroom is large, but it would be better if the bathroom were smaller and the space was given to the closet.


As you can see this is quite the mix of characteristics and features that people are looking for when it comes to their apartment bathrooms.  Now, the demand for some of these features is easier to meet than for others, but overall, there are many specific things that people want in their bathrooms.  If prospects are looking for newer cabinets and bigger bathtubs, then obviously these are examples of things that may not be feasible for an owner to instill.  On the other hand if prospects are looking for a bathtub without mold and higher water pressure, then these are things that may be a little bit more reasonable to be able to provide without necessarily breaking the bank of the community.

No matter what prospects are looking for in an apartment bathroom the most important thing for leasing agents to accomplish is to sell the features of their apartment’s bathroom and be ready to overcome any potential objections to make the sale.