Do you remember the first person you ever leased to? Do you remember the first day in a leasing office? Most of us in this industry started out as a leasing professional and whether we were trained or not, have to remember the first day of leasing.
Don’t you remember learning (or figuring out) where to get keys, put UPS packages, decipher a make ready board and what was on your vacancy report?
Can’t you remember walking your vacant apartments or a model to see what they looked liked and describing them in your head so you could sell them to your prospects?
Good old days… Fun times… Right??

I recently visited one of our leasing offices and one of our Leasing Specialist was experiencing some of the same things mentioned above. This person was beyond excited. I watched as they described apartments on the phone and worked with prospects in the office. You could tell this person enjoyed what they were doing and it showed as they got their first lease. The excitement was contagious. Then there was that little happy dance behind close doors!
It made me wonder… Whether it is our first lease or 100th lease, do we still do a little happy dance? Do we still get the “Wow, I can do it!” feeling? Shouldn’t our prospects, colleagues and managers see we are excited to get those leases?