Class Inc. has over 30 years of experience training a productive sales force of property leasing specialists that can tackle all your leasing needs. It has taken a few years but the lending market is beginning to loosen up again and banks are beginning to give more loans to prospective homeowners. But the damage is done. Owning a home is not the equity cow it once was and there are distinct advantages to renting. We’ll go over a few of these in this blog.

  1.    No maintenance costs. Anyone who has owned a home knows the stress of a sudden, expensive repair bill; roofs leak, furnaces break down and pipes freeze. When you rent, you may be inconvenienced by the repairs but the bills are not yours.
  2.    Yard work. More maintenance woes can pile up you when you think about yard work; constant mowing, fighting weeds and pests. Let those be someone else’s problem and use your time and energy to pursue hobbies or travel.
  3.    Amenities. Adding amenities like a pool or gym to the price of a house isn’t even an option for most homeowners. However, in an apartment community those amenities are almost universal givens.
  4.    No housing market worries. Let the price of housing fall as it has, your investments can be safe elsewhere. Prices may go up in the future but it is unlikely they’ll recover completely.

From Millenials heading out on their own for the first time to Baby Boomers who want to enjoy their retirement and not spend one more weekend mowing the lawn, renting is the answer. For assistance leasing up your property, contact Class Inc.