Every apartment community and leasing company wants to hold on to good residents. You know the ones we mean, the ones that don’t fuss often, religiously pay their rent in-full and on-time, and are quiet and neighborly. Unfortunately, these residents aren’t always easy to keep– until now. With Class Inc. on your side, you will get the training and leasing services that you need to learn how to not only fill your vacancies, but also to hold onto your best and most reliable residents.

One of the main things you can do to keep good residents is to be responsive at all times. We’ve all been in a situation where something needs to be fixed, but you are waiting on a part or something else to get the job done. Rather than ignoring those phone calls, it is a much better option to be up-front and honest with your resident about the process and the estimated repair time. They are people, too, and they will probably be more understanding than you think. Oftentimes they aren’t calling to berate you or to rush you, they just want to know that you are aware of the issue and that you are doing something about it!

Every leasing company wants to hold on to good residents, but unfortunately many companies have also mastered the art of stealthily ignoring phone calls and issues until they are resolved. Being honest and responsive can make a world of difference! Learn more about how to keep good residents when you sign up for training services with Class Inc.!