Class Inc. is a comprehensive leasing agent. Since 1984, we’ve helped property owners find not just the enough  residents, but the right residents. We also offer staff training services to ensure a quality of service for you and your residents. From new construction up-leasing to condo-conversion to single unit housing we’ve got a service level to meet your needs.

We get to know you. We can serve you better when we know you and your needs. When you use our service we’ll need to get to know you so we’ll enroll you in a 48 Hour Express Program. We’ll visit not only your property but also 3-5 of your competitors to that we have a good understanding of your property, the market in which you are operating, and we’ll get to know the local area so we can put that knowledge to work for your property. We’ll make a market analysis that we’ll use in creating a strategy to get your location to the optimum occupancy rate.

We work with you and make a plan. We’ll work with you and make a marketing plan that fits your property and the market. We’ll use what we’ve learned about your property in our initial Start-Up meeting.

We’ll also tour the facility and plan out a specific product demonstration for your staff to use when showing the property. We’ll accentuate the properties positives and work to mitigate any perceived negatives. All properties have their great selling points and points that are not for everyone. We help you figure out which one are which and how to show your property so that interested parties see you in your best light. In our next blog, we’ll talk about what comes next.