Here at CLASS, we’re here to help you when you need apartment marketing and apartment vacancy solutions. We know that there are plenty of people out there looking for housing but sometimes you just have to know the right techniques and where to look. We’ve helped property managers and leasing agents with thousands of properties. After all, you’re our number one goal. We help you by advising on how to increase the occupancy in your properties and show you the latest trends in the industry.

Based in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve been working with clients to provide vacancy solutions for the past 30 years. We are proud of the ingenuity that we have to train your teams on the latest trends and techniques while providing your property with industry’s strongest apartment leasing agents. CLASS is the premier solution for leasing needs and training on all of these areas plus more:

  • New Construction Properties
  • New Acquisition Properties
  • Student Properties
  • Senior Properties
  • LIHTC Properties
  • Rehab and Reposition Properties
  • Properties in Receivership
  • Single Family Home Rentals
  • Condo Conversions
  • Military Housing

Our strategy is simple: we discuss common goals for your property and then evaluate your community’s existing leasing procedures and marketing plan. From there, we can then evaluate your leasing company’s strengths and weaknesses while developing a plan to move forward by leveraging an expansive library of techniques to consult with your team on the latest leasing and marketing trends in the industry.

Call us today to get started! There’s no point losing any more money when we can help you rent those vacant properties!